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Azerbaijan Tourism Board showcases its commitment to building sustainable tourism

Azerbaijan Tourism Board (ATB) kicked off its participation at Expo 2020 Dubai this week (Sunday) with an event dedicated to encouraging travellers to take another look at what the country has to offer as the ‘new normal’ emerges for world travel. Taking place at the Azerbaijan’s nature-inspired pavilion in the Sustainability District, the event provided a unique opportunity to discover how the country has re-focused its efforts on the expansion of its burgeoning sustainable tourism industry. Inspiring travellers to turn over an eco-friendly leaf was the overarching message conveyed, with key spokespeople, including Florian Sengstschmid, Chief Executive Officer of ATB, underscoring how sustainable tourism policies are crucial to future-proofing the country’s tourism industry and boosting Azerbaijan’s COVID-19 recovery. “Borne out of the disruption caused to the tourism industry last year, Azerbaijan has sought to embrace the new opportunities presented by people looking to travel more safely. We are extremely fortunate that our climate and diverse landscape make socially-distanced travel experiences possible, celebrating the very best of what the country has to offer. In doing so, we have been able to unlock the full potential of Azerbaijan’s diverse natural and cultural offerings, as well as the great talent and resilience of its people”, said Mr. Sengstschmid. “Expo 2020 Dubai provides an ideal platform to share our long-term commitment to sustainable tourism and innovation in the heart of its Sustainability District, and we look forward to welcoming new and returning Middle East travellers to see a new side of Azerbaijan.” Among many sustainable tourism offerings introduced at the event, Slow Food Travel was emphasised with a key focus on inspiring visitors to indulge in the rich diversity of locally-grown food. As one …

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