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Six Senses Zighy Bay launches eco-friendly hybrid vehicles

Hybrid Nissan Pathfinder (2)

In an effort to have a strong presence of sustainability initiatives, Six Senses Zighy Bay has purchased its own fleet of seven of Nissan’s Pathfinder SV 4WD Hybrid vehicles, which will transport guests to the resort and take them for extraordinary experiences in the surrounding region. Guests arriving at the border for transfer to the resort will get their first experience of the new vehicles, as they enjoy the exhilarating off-road approach to Six Senses Zighy Bay. The hybrid vehicles will also be used to take them to the resort’s fine dining experience on the mountaintop. For adventurous guests, the cars will be used for excursions to Dibba town and the resort’s own farm and to the marina to enjoy a cruise from the Dhahab yacht. Aaron McGrath, General Manager, Six Senses Zighy Bay, said, “Until now, we’ve been using vehicles from a partner over which we have no real control of their environmental credentials; something which is incredibly important to our sustainability initiatives. We reviewed the vehicles available in our market and concluded that the Pathfinder SV 4WD Hybrid would be best suited to our resort.”

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