Epic Reality launches AR App to help tourists navigate COVID risks across the Emirate

Epic Reality designed to help tourists & locals navigate the city of Dubai safely and in a time-efficient manner has officially launched from Modus Capital’s Venture Studio, and is now available for download on Apple iOS and Android devices. Conceptualized in the UAE, Epic Reality acts as a city guide that provides real-time updates on the city’s safe and risk zones, as well as critical information related to COVID-19 health precautions, including social distance practices, facial wear dress code policies, seating capacity, temperature checks, and the relative exposure risk based on indoor vs. outdoor activities etc. The score is compiled from the most up-to-date international data sources such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and run through a proprietary algorithm to produce a COVID-19 Risk Score.   Users can browse a listing of fun engaging activities, events, travel tours, sightseeing spots, restaurants, bars, cafés—and learn about each venue or activity’s health measures to ensure a safe travel experience during their stay in Dubai.

Ahmad Daneshvar, Epic Reality Co-Founder, said, “We are extremely excited to be able to allow travellers to enjoy Dubai in a safe and risk-free environment by helping them stay well-informed of the city’s health & safety measures. We want to provide travellers—and locals alike—with essential information on how to get around Dubai during the pandemic when health and safety concerns are top of mind.”

“The application has been developed with an intuitive design and user-friendly interface that promises to give users timely information and provide significant assistance during the pandemic,” added Daniel Ashtari, Co-Founder.

“Epic Reality will enable tourists and locals to discover and book activities in a well-informed and safe manner,” said Kareem Elsirafy, Managing Partner at Modus Capital. “We will be living in a COVID world for quite some time and with everyone eager to travel out of work necessity or leisure, the app will help millions of people travel safely and efficiently, from planning ahead to the arrival at their destination. Epic Reality will help us in the transition back to travel and leisure normalcy leveraging the most current international data and safety metrics.”